Welcome to A Zen Soup

“My focus as a holistic nutritionist is on thyroid function and digestive health.” 

 The thyroid gland is what regulates metabolism and cellular energy production.

When the body is in a state of stress it is a sign that that cellular energy production is low. This has a varied,  broad spectrum of symptoms and is a common aspect in disease. There are many factors that suppress thyroid function including our modern diet and lifestyle, stress and aging, and it is important to asses and support thyroid function. Learn more >

There is also an undeniable connection between one’s health and their digestive system.

An imbalance in gut flora can create toxins, allergies and a permeable digestive lining. This contributes to lack of nutrients, and creates symptoms both physiological and psychological. Learn more >

How I will help you:

I provide my clients with the tools they need to make informed choices to bring about profound change.
I help them understand the connection between the health of the gastrointestinal tract and imbalances that may be going on in their body.
I assess overall cellular energy production and its related health implications, through body temperature and heart rate.
We then work together to determine what changes need to be made to take charge of the problem. After assessing and getting a full client history I provide nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on needs, goals and limits and always take into account unique bio-individuality.
Lastly, I continue to provide education, resources and ongoing support as my clients learn to incorporate clean, nutrient-dense foods into their lives in a way that is manageable and will provide the best possible foundation for healing.