Why is digestion so important?

What does my gut have to do with my health?

Your body is inhabited by trillions of microorganisms known as flora.

The majority of these microbes live in your digestive tract and are a highly organized system that protects you from pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and toxins.

If the beneficial bacteria is damaged, or not operating correctly, it can affect your entire body.

This micro-world, not only protects you, but helps digest your food, making nutrients more bio-available and keeps your immune systems in balance. It is so important to your health that if you didn’t have it you probably wouldn’t survive.

There are many lifestyle and dietary factors that can wipe out beneficial bacteria and promote gut permeability.

The gut wall becomes “leaky” from oppurtunistic bacteria (the bad guys), this allows undigested food proteins into the bloodstream and causes reactions within the immune system, affecting liver function.  Toxins are created and stored in tissues. They can cross the blood/brain barrier causing all types of symptoms both physical and psychological.

Both, disease and health originate in your gut.

When you create a healing environment within the digestive track everything in your body starts to regain balance. Cells become properly nourished, mal-absorption is replaced by absorption, your immune system has energy and nutrients and symptoms that you didn’t even know were related to your digestion start disappearing. Your health will flourish.